Return Policy & Address

Due to the fact that once this product is opened or used it can affect the integrity of the product along with our ability to help charitable causes, we request no returns and thank you for your understanding. If you have any unusual issues with your package or damage please contact us at info@reflectorme.com or through our contact form for exchange.

Why was ReflectorMe invented?

The original creator of ReflectorMe wanted to ensure that loved ones were seen after she herself were hit by a car getting off of the bus as a child. This is the reason that the creators endeavor started a little over 3 years ago.

Will the ReflectorMe strips fall off when wet?

No! ReflectorMe utilizes an industrial strength adhesive that is waterproof. Please note, ReflectorMe Reflective Strips need 24hrs-72hrs to cure and adhere properly on the item you place them on.

Do I need an iron to apply ReflectorMe?

NEVER use an iron! ReflectorMe Reflective Strips utilize an industrial strength adhesive, simply peel and place.

Does ReflectorMe have sharp edges?

No, the corners of eachReflectorMe Reflective Strip were purposly rounded to keep you and your loved ones.

What will happen if I put it in the dryer?

The edges will melt under high contained heat and will lose its effectiveness.

My child wants to put it on his/her sneakers...is that OK?

This has been all the rage with kids! We love it but we have not tested it officially- all we recommend is if they do-don't throw the shoes in the dryer-let them air dry. As with anything else,  wash in a cold delicate cycle and dron't throw in the dryer.

If I try to take ReflectorMe off my backpack what will happen?

The whole philosophy is to have a strong adhesive. Once it's on it's pretty much on for good. We didn't want mom's worrying about it falling or coming off like other products, or the child thinking it's interchangeable... If you chisel it or take it off it will break the decal and residue will remain.

Can I put it on my back car window or liscense plate?

Well, legally you are not allowed to put it on your license plate you can place it on a license plate frame. As far as the back window-I've put some on mine and think its pretty cool that if my back lights go out for any reason the driver behind me has a better chance to see me far enough away. However never put ReflectorMe Strips anywhere that can obstruct your view. Again, residue when removing may remain. Remember to not obstruct your License Plate in anyway!

My dog is a squirmer! The thin strip cracked a bit-what can I do?

Glad you asked! On the back of the package we tell you this can happen with the little squirmers who twist it a lot when using the really thin strips on some collar materials. That's why we give you 2 extra thin strips just place them over the existing one and chances are with the double up your squirmer will not be able to to do it again! Also, feel free to get creative and put a small decal right on top of the strips.

Can you do a Multi-Color Pack?

It's a toughie but we are in the process of redesigning the decal layouts and you can be assured with many more printed colors! We are so pleased with our manufacturer's exclusive process that makes this possible! The colors are reflecting amazingly well!

Will you be coming out with other Decals?

Oh yes keep checking back for new decals. Some new decals coming soon are a unicorn, cool red, white, and blue hearts and pineapple patches. I would love to hear your opinions of these and what you would like to see! We'll set up a better communication line on our site shortly until then please utilize the contact form. I'm excited to hear your feedback. ReflectorMe aims to help people be seen better, this is a huge issue even though it's been on the national news stations most of the time you might not hear about it or really think about it until someone you know gets hurt. No product can guarantee to keep one 100% safe, but let's do our part and be proactive, use every product out there that helps prevent these tragedies and keep this from happening as much as we can! And, make it fun!